Equipping Classes

Equipping Classes

In addition to Calvary's ongoing LifeGroups, we also offer Equipping Classes on various subjects throughout the year. These short series are rooted in God's Word to help you grow in your faith. 


    Discover Jesus (Discipleship)

    Discover Jesus Class

    Wednesdays, March 1-April 26
    7:00-8:30pm | Room D-2

    The 9-week "Following Jesus" course will help you discover how to live and love like Jesus. Come grow in your faith by journeying through the foundational elements of discipleship. If you’re a new follower of Jesus, or want to become more grounded in the basics of Christianity, this is perfect for you!

    Or, to get matched up with a leader who can walk you through the "Following Jesus" course anytime, please contact us at 

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    Marriage GPS

    marriage gps

    Wednesdays, March 1-22, 2017
    7:00 pm | Fellowship Hall

    Come learn how to navigate your marriage relationship to avoid the potential road hazards and dead ends. We will be discussing the difference between “Masters” and “Disasters” in marriage, based on 40 years of research and over 3,000 couples studied. This 4-part Equipping Series will be taught by Jim McCarty, Calvary's Pastor of Counseling.

    March 1: The Five Steps to the Roach Motel - we didn't plan the trip, but we're on our way!
    March 8: The Sound Relationship House - practical marriage theory based on over 40 years of scientific research.
    March 15: Developing Skills in Navigating Conflict - cultivating intimacy even when you disagree
    March 22: Enhancing Friendship and Creating Shared Meaning - live out your purpose on purpose



    Parenting Class | Raising Financially Freed Up Kids

    Raising Financially Freed-Up Kids

    Sundays, March 5-26
    9:00 am-10:15 am | Conference South 

    Learn practical action steps for students from preschool to high school during this 4-week study. Should we pay an allowance?  How do we teach delayed gratification, how to save, give and how much to spend?  Learn 7 key principles for every child, plus practical action steps for students from preschool to high school during this 4 week study. 



    Training Up The Next Generation


    Wednesdays · April 5-May 17

    7:00-8:30pm ·  Chapel

    Join us for this 6-week Equipping Series to help Christians of all ages understand the atheistic and amoral influences all around us, particularly parents preparing their children for adulthood in today’s hostile culture.

    Come be equipped and encouraged with biblical insights and practical tools to train up the next generation. This series is presented by Calvary Church in partnership with Calvary Christian School and Stand to Reason.

    Weekly Topics + Speakers

    April 5 "Who's Waiting For your Kids?"
    Brett Kunkle · Stand To Reason Ministry
    A wake-up call for parents of kids of all ages.

    April 12 No meeting- Easter Week

    April 19 "The Spirit Of Apologetics"
    Randy Harris · Equipping + Resource Pastor
    Why does apologetics sometimes have a bad name? What is the goal of apologetics? What is the proper way to "defend the faith?"

    April 26 “How Millennials Think”
    Doug Brown · High School Pastor
    How does the current generation think and how is it different from past generations?

    May 3 "FaceTime + ScreenTime"
    Matt Davis · Marriage + Family Pastor
    The study on the impact technology is having on our families.

    May 10 "A Practical Plan for Equipping Your Kids With the Truth"
    Brett Kunkle · Stand To Reason Ministry
    Provides a model for disciplining our kids of all ages with a number of practical ideas.

    May 17 “How Atheists Read The Bible”
    Randy Harris · Equipping + Resource Pastor
    A survey of the some of the Biblical texts atheists use to attack the Bible and how they read the Bible.


    Baptism Class

    Are you interested in being baptized?

    To learn more about baptism and be prepared to take part in the One Service Baptisms on May 28, come to a one-hour class during one of the dates and times listed below:

    Sunday, May 21
    9am + 11am - Meet in the Worship Center Prayer Room
    (For One Service Baptisms on May 28 at 10am)

    Baptism is a great celebration event where those who have become followers of Jesus "go public" with their decision. We believe the Bible teaches that baptism is for any believer old enough to make a personal decision to follow Christ, and is done through full immersion in water as a symbol of identification with His death, burial, and resurrection. Come learn about taking this next step in your faith at an upcoming Baptism Class.

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