Life Classes

life classes

Wednesday Nights, 7:00-8:30pm

Nursery-High School programs available for FREE

Maybe you’ve been asking some of these questions:

Who is God? Where do I find a mentor?
How can I strengthen relationships with people I love?
Why am I always so strapped financially?
What is the purpose of life?

Life Classes are interactive growth communities equipping you to live a better life. Each Life Class will include biblical content, personal connection and a weekly challenge. Whether you’re looking to learn more about church history, parenting, finances, end times, marriage, mentoring, following Jesus, spiritual gifts, or your purpose in life, there is a Life Class for you!

Explore Life Classes in the following categories:

cross Discipleship + the Christian Life
Learning to follow Jesus and live out the Christian life

Growing through the study of the Bible and apologetics

people Relationships
Cultivating biblical insights and practical tools for your relationships

moneyGenerous Living
Discovering how to experience a balanced and generous life

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