Jesus' Last Words To Us

    03.18.16 | by David Mitchell

    This Sunday, we enter into a time of remembering and celebrating the most significant week in history, where Jesus showed what love truly looks like through His life, death and resurrection. Together, we will look at some of His final words to...
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      Thank You For Supporting Bible Translation

      03.17.16 | by Liz Gold

      A note of thanks from Bernie May to Calvary during our annual Reach Week, celebrating 85 years of Global Missions. Bernie May joined Wycliffe in 1954 with his late wife, Nancy. He became a pilot with JAARS, a Wycliffe partner organization, and...
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        Present Courage & Future Hope

        03.10.16 | by Matt Doan

        Our present courage and future hope rest in the truth that Jesus has overcome sin, death and the darkness of this world! Please join us this Sunday morning as we hear stories of present courage and future hope.
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          Hosting International Students During Easter


          Easter is almost upon us!Dear American friends: This year we are pursuing the idea of inviting UCI international students into American homes much like we did for Thanksgiving. In most countries non-Christians do not join the...
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