David Mitchell


    Finding More than Forgiveness

    06.08.17 | by David Mitchell

    Dear Calvary Family, I remember one time when I found a ticket on my car because I parked on the street at the day and time the street sweeper was scheduled. I understand the need to keep the streets clean, but after parking my car, I seldom look ...
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      Why We Need to Stay Connected to the Source

      06.01.17 | by David Mitchell

      Dear Calvary Family, John MacArthur shares an interesting experience surrounding the Paris peace talks years ago: Because of his trust by many Arab tribes, the famous British scholar and soldier Lawrence of Arabia participated in the Paris peace ...
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        Why Do Some Abandon Their Freedom?

        04.27.17 | by David Mitchell

        Dear Calvary Family, It was a year ago this month that an interesting news story was reported. Albert Woodfox spent 43 years, from 1972-2016, in solitary confinement at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. This was more time in isolation than any ...
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