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    The Restoration of Us

    09.14.16 | by Matt Davis

    Dear Calvary Family, The church should be the safest place on earth for hurting people to receive love and grace. A hospital for sinners, not a hotel for saints, as the quote goes. Unfortunately, for many, it isn't. I know many people who would...
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      Finding Common Ground

      09.01.16 | by David Mitchell

      Common Ground is our new theme this fall as we explore biblical insights into some of life’s most difficult, and potentially divisive, issues of our day. Come discover a gospel-centered and Christ-like response of confidence and compassion for...
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        The Authority of the Bible

        08.25.16 | by Eric Wakeling

        Dear Calvary Family, I was a "rule follower" kid who wanted to please my parents and teachers but I remember that changing at some point in my life (most likely my sophomore year in high school) and I became a lot more stubborn and skeptical...
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          Is the Bible Trustworthy?

          08.17.16 | by Eric Wakeling

          Greetings Calvary Family,  Have you ever questioned the things you place your trust in? The airplane, the helicopter, the chef cooking your food, the chair you sit down in or the back side of your jeans when you bend over. (That backfired...
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