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    Love God, Love Your Neighbor

    11.17.16 | by Matt Doan

    Dear Calvary Family, I imagine you are having a busy week. Thanksgiving is coming, holiday travel plans are being formed, to-do lists at school, work and home are growing by the hour. Probably more than once in the last few days you have...
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      Together We Grow

      11.10.16 | by David Mitchell

      Dear Calvary Family, I read a story today from the Daily Mail about 20 year old Brooke Greenberg. What is remarkable about Brooke is that she still has the body of a toddler. The headline exclaims, “She just stopped growing.” Doctors...
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        Dear Calvary Family

        11.02.16 | by David Mitchell

        Dear Calvary Family, I love addressing all who read this email as “family.” That is how I view the church and I believe this based on how Jesus views us. In one of Jesus’ many lessons to His disciples as He said these important...
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          Love, Sexuality, and LGBTQ

          10.19.16 | by David Mitchell

          Dear Calvary Family, One of the most popular TV shows today is Modern Family. And, just as the title may imply, the family is being defined in new and different ways. Some families still are traditional, but as the show reveals, some families...
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