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    The Gift of Christ

    12.23.15 | by David Mitchell

    Dear Calvary Family,A story that helps us understand the gift of Christ, as God in human flesh, comes from Richard Selzer's Mortal Lessons: I stand by the bed where a young woman lies, her face postoperative, her mouth twisted in palsy...
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      The Christmas Spirit

      12.18.15 | by David Mitchell

      I want to share with you a beautiful story of the Christmas spirit. I recently walked into one of our preschool classrooms and noticed it was packed with Christmas presents
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        Who is Jesus?

        12.10.15 | by David Mitchell

        “Who is Jesus?” If you asked your family or people you know or work with this question, what do you think they would say? The Barna Group surveyed a segment of Americans to determine the prevailing view of Jesus. This is extremely important as...
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          Every Gift Counts

          12.01.15 | by David Mitchell

          As we begin the month of December with #GivingTuesday, my prayer is that you have a blessed Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior who modeled perfectly the life of sacrifice and generosity for each of us.
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