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    Will You Take A Step To Connect?

    08.23.18 | by Eric Wakeling

      Calvary Family, I'd like to talk about Sundays at Calvary. It's more than a worship service. It's a time to talk with old and new friends, a time to grow in your faith, a time to serve the rest of the family and a time to connect with...
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      A Leadership Update on Sundays at Calvary

      08.08.18 | by Eric Wakeling

        Calvary Family, This past Sunday we announced that we will be moving forward to having One Worship Service every Sunday starting on September 2nd. God is leading us into a new season in the life of Calvary Church and the staff, elders...
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        Jesus is Our Great Provider

        08.02.18 | by Matt Doan

          I was just out of college and had no money. I mean nothing, nada, zero, zilch. I had been able to pay my monthly bills but after making those payments, I now had zero dollars to my name. Have you ever had your bank account so low, you...
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          Will You Join Me in this Mission?

          07.20.18 | by Eric Wakeling

          Dear Calvary friends, This week I want to remind us of the mission that God has placed before us. Jesus was all about doing the will of the Father. In John 6:40 Jesus say, "For it is my Father's will that all who see his Son and believe in him...
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