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    Where Is Your Heart Focused?

    02.11.16 | by David Mitchell

    Dear Calvary Family, Thank you for the favorable response to the recent SIMPLIFY series and to the start of the new GENEROUS series. As we begin learning about generosity, it is interesting to know that the Bible has about 500 verses on prayer...
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      Our God is Generous

      02.04.16 | by David Mitchell

      Our God is a very generous God, and many times He makes a miraculous event occur to remind us of how generous He is. In Scripture, we see His power to part the Red Sea and later the Jordan River so Israel could finally occupy the...
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        Simplify Your Soul

        01.28.16 | by David Mitchell

        Dear Calvary Family, This Sunday we conclude our Simplify message series. I have heard so many good comments from you as you find ways to simplify your life in the areas of rest, time, finances, and relationships. Below is a quote I have from...
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          Sanctity of Life

          01.25.16 | by Matt Doan

          On Sunday we joined thousands of other churches in America and took a moment to recognize the Sanctity of Life. From the point of conception to our last breath, every life is valuable and precious to God and therefore should be...
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            Simplify Relationships

            01.20.16 | by Matt Doan

            This will be a great Sunday to invite non-believing family members or friends to hear how Jesus transforms our relationships. Be bold and invite someone to join you!
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