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    Jesus' Last Words To Us

    03.18.16 | by David Mitchell

    This Sunday, we enter into a time of remembering and celebrating the most significant week in history, where Jesus showed what love truly looks like through His life, death and resurrection. Together, we will look at some of His final words to...
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      Present Courage & Future Hope

      03.10.16 | by Matt Doan

      Our present courage and future hope rest in the truth that Jesus has overcome sin, death and the darkness of this world! Please join us this Sunday morning as we hear stories of present courage and future hope.
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        God Is Faithful!

        03.03.16 | by Matt Doan

        I have a great secret location for your next summer vacation. It is on a tropical island with white sandy beaches and warm turquoise water. The cost of living is cheap, there are little to no crowds, and it remains undiscovered by the cable...
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          What Legacy Are You Building?

          02.25.16 | by David Mitchell

          This Sunday, we will explore one of the most important legacies as we conclude our four part GENEROUS series. Christ was the most generous person in history and He leaves that legacy in our hands to pass on.
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            Fear or Faith?


            Are you operating out of fear or faith? Join us this Sunday as we all grow in our faith and learn to eliminate our fear as good stewards of all God has given to us.
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