Current Highlights

SIMPLIFY Next Steps: January 31



1. Learn More about the Soul 
For a more thorough understanding of the soul read J.P. Moreland's The Soul. For more on how to tend to your soul read Soul Keeping by John Ortberg. 

2. Practice the Prayer of Recollection 
To begin practicing and preparing your soul to meet with God in truth read and practice the Prayer of Recollection hand out by John Coe. There is a free copy for you in the bookstore. 

How has your experience simplifying been over the past four weeks? Have you tried to simplify in each of these areas? Take some time to journal about the area in which you have or had the hardest time simplifying throughout the series. 

Out of the topics from the last 4 weeks, which one is the hardest for you to simplify? How do you think that affects your ability to tend to your soul? 

My SIMPLIFY Prayer: 
Write a prayer of commitment to simplify and better follow Jesus.