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Special Message from Pastor Dave

09.05.17 | by David Mitchell

Dear Calvary Family,

The history of God’s people documented in the Old Testament portrays how there are different seasons and callings throughout life. For example, when Moses was called by God to be the leader of the Jewish people, he reluctantly accepted that role. His work was foundational to provide order, structure, laws and regulations on how to live with each other and God. Moses led those people through exhilarating moments and times of great despair as he fell on his face asking for God’s grace. But Moses knew there would be a day when he would no longer lead. He even recognized the transitory nature of life when he wrote, “So teach us to number our days, That we may present to You a heart of wisdom” in Psalm 90:12. We are all stewards of life for a period of time.

Therefore, Joshua was selected by God to be Moses’ successor. While Moses laid the foundation for this new nation after crossing the Red Sea, Joshua would lead these people into a new land and life after crossing the Jordan River. Moses desired peace and unity in seeking the Lord. Joshua would lead armies to conquer this new land. Both Moses and Joshua were God’s men for each season of life in the nation of Israel. They led differently, but both maintained a commitment to God, following His ways and fulfilling His calling.

This brings me to Calvary. It has been my privilege to serve as Senior Pastor at Calvary for almost 22 years. I came when the church needed a healing, restoring and unifying ministry. Now, I recognize it is time for new leadership to fulfill the calling of God for Calvary Church. I want to assure you that I initiated this process and am fully supportive of the Elders as they present Eric Wakeling as the next leader to serve as our Senior Pastor. To be clear, I am not retiring, nor am I resigning, but rather I am realigning the role I will serve on staff. My desire is to still teach, encourage and develop people so we connect, grow and reach for Jesus Christ.

Please take advantage of the many upcoming forums to learn more about this new season of ministry at Calvary Church. I invite you to join us for our first Church Family Q&A this Wednesday, September 6 at 7:00 pm. Come hear directly from our leadership, participate in discussion and partner in prayer as we seek God’s leading together. Learn more at calvarylife.org/pastor

David Mitchell
Senior Pastor


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