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It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

6/10/21 | Weekly Pastor's Email | by Matt Doan

    “It's the most wonderful time of the year
    With the kids jingle belling
    And everyone telling you be of good cheer
    It's the most wonderful time of the year”

    As much as this classic song captures how wonderful the Christmas season is, for most of our school-aged kids, this week is actually the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” It is officially summer!

    Time to head to the beach, fire up the grill, plan a vacation (finally) and enjoy the long days of summer. At Calvary, we are so pumped to welcome our kids (and kids at heart) to a summer of fun and Christ-centered activities:

    • Registration for LEGEND VBS, happening July 26-30, is now open!
    • Promotion Sunday for all grades at Calvary happens this weekend!
    • Our Senior Adults are having a Picnic at the Sherman’s on June 26!
    • In July, 6th-12th Graders head up to Hume and College to Houseboat!
    • Our Pop Up Pantry continues each month serving those in need!
    • We are hosting ESL Summer Fairs as an outreach to our community!
    • Beach Baptisms for all ages are happening in August!
    • And so much more
      Discover more about upcoming featured events here

    This summer we are also excited to continue our journey as a church family through the New Testament book of 2 Timothy each Sunday morning.

    We are calling this series, “Worth the Risk.” For the author of 2nd Timothy, the Apostle Paul, the good news of Jesus was worth the risk - the risk of losing his status, his friendships, his comfortable life and even his freedom. Yes, even his freedom. Paul is in prison and chained up in a cell as he writes the letter of 2 Timothy. Yet in 2 Timothy, Chapter 2, verse 9, Paul makes an incredible statement,

    “…but the word of God is not imprisoned.”

    Nothing can hold back the word of God! Not a government policy or a virus or hostile culture. Will you stop and pray right now as you read this email?

    • Pray for God’s word (which cannot be chained) to do good things in each of our lives this summer!
    • Pray for our Calvary missionaries who are sharing God’s word and the good new of Jesus around the world.
    • Pray that God’s word will draw many to Jesus at summer camps and beach days, Sunday worship services and backyard LifeGroups.
    • Pray that many of our family and friends will place their faith in Jesus this summer and get connected here at Calvary Church.

    For those who enter into a new relationship with Jesus this summer or take significant steps in their journey of faith, this summer truly will be “the most wonderful time of the year!”

    See you this summer,
    Matt Doan
    Reach Pastor