Generation Project

STUDENTS: Take the Chair Challenge

Our church is working to create a space for you and future generations of students in THE STUDENT UNDERGROUND. Calvary wants to invest in your life by providing a place where you can CONNECT in community, GROW in your relationship with Jesus, and REACH out to your friends.

YOU can contribute by helping buy a chair for this new space! Take it a step further and buy a chair for a friend you can invite to hear about the love of Jesus.

Will you accept the Chair Challenge?

Ephesians 3:20-21
“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

STEP 1: Pray
STEP 2: Commit. Fill out a Chair Challenge card and turn it in!


Generation Project Update / January 2015

If you drove by the church this week, you may have seen some dumpsters and construction fencing on Tustin Ave. That is because we have begun phase one of the Student Underground by demolishing the old nursery. We were forced to start this month because we had a pipe that burst in the wall, causing a flood which extensively damaged the basement over the New Year holiday. We will remove all of the damaged area in preparation for future construction. We plan to do the upgrades to the air conditioning system on the C building in the Spring, and then depending on where we are financially, hopefully be able to keep going and actually start building the walls.

You will see in the brand new edition of This Year at Calvary that we are getting closer to our financial goal for the Generation Project. If you didn’t finish your Restoration Pledge this past December, that is no problem, your continued gifts will go to the Generation Project Student Underground.

With the funds that we have from the last part of the Restoration Project plus the new pledges for the Generation Project of $472,000 we need less than $500,000 in additional commitments to finish the Student Underground. We will continue to provide updates here in the months to come and so appreciate your continued support.


Generation Project Q + A

Where are we now on the Restoration Project?

We launched the Restoration Project in the Fall of 2010 and extended it through the end of 2014 in order to complete critical campus repairs and maximize our existing buildings by realigning the spaces to support our ministry vision.

It has been a blessing to see the remodeled spaces from the finished phases of the Restoration Project being used now including:

· The new space created within the Worship Center, which has allowed young
families to enjoy the new Nursery and our staff to work together in the new church ministry offices upstairs.

· The Samsvick Chapel renovation, which has provided a beautiful venue on our campus for worship services, weddings, memorials, school chapels, Bible studies and special events.

We praise God for these updated places for ministry to happen here at Calvary. We were able to complete all of these phases debt-free, completely paying for them with your generous support and they are all in operation as of this year.

With the fulfilment of the rest of the Restoration Project pledges through 2014 we will be able to pay for the planning, city fees, roof and air conditioning upgrades related to the remodeling of our C Building into the Student Underground. However, we do not have enough pledged to complete the construction for the basement remodel and upgrade all of the fire and safety systems the city requires to occupy the space.

We are launching the Generation Project to finish this goal and create an amazing, dedicated space on our campus for our Student Ministries to worship and connect as they grow in their faith.


How much does the C Building Repurposing Cost?

The entire project, from planning to construction to furnishing it, will cost $1.6 million. The planning and repair phases are funded by people completing their Restoration Project pledges ($500,000 pledged but not received as of Summer 2014) and the additional $1.1 million would be from the Generation Project.

We are launching the Generation Project to ask you to partner with us in stepping out in faith to allow us to move forward and build the Student Underground that we have been planning through the Restoration Project.

How much do we need to fund the Generation Project?

We need to raise an additional $1.1 million dollars over any previous campaign commitment to fully fund Calvary’s commitment to providing a dedicated space for ministry to students to take place in.

Where do we go from here?

After we finish the plan approval process with the city, we will evaluate our construction and timing schedule for 2015 depending on the commitments you make toward the Generation Project. We will not spend beyond what has been committed, so we invite your participation in helping us complete our goal of the Student Underground.

The sooner we receive the additional commitments and gifts, the quicker we can start construction which will save money in the long run because construction costs continue to rise and we can use the spaces sooner. Would you prayerfully consider making a commitment to the Generation Project now that you could give toward in 2015 and 2016.

Why are you calling it the Generation Project?

We want to continue to be a place that leaves a legacy for the next generation. We even ask you to consider leaving a gift in your estate plan to impact future generations of Calvary kids. For more information on creative giving through stocks, estates or other assets, please call Michael Welles at 714-550-2313.

Check out the Generation Project Brochure (PDF)

A view inside the main space for High School gatherings with room for 230 students. 
The other large room for Jr High + College seats 130.


Restoration Project Update / Summer 2014

Through the last 3 1/2 years, over 800 families and individuals have given over $3.4 million towards the extended Restoration Project. Thank you to all those who have played a role in the story that God is authoring through Calvary. 

Below is a recap of the project phases:

· Installed Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning in Fellowship Hall, A Building, B Building, Chapel and N Building.
· Replaced Roofs on A Building, B Building, N Building, Gym.
· Built New Nursery for birth to 36 months in the Worship Center.
· Expanded Ministry Offices + Counseling Center on 2nd Floor of Worship Center.
· Renovated Interior of Samsvick Chapel including Carpet, Wood, Paint, Windows, Chairs, Sound, Projection, and Lighting.
· Repurpose the old nursery into a new Student Underground for Junior High, High School and College Ministries.

Our goal throughout this journey has been to be good stewards and best utilize our existing ministry space by developing facilities that will support our ministry plan.

We have not had to borrow any funds and have paid for all the completed phases through your generous contributions. We have saved in significant ways with help from Calvary members who have donated materials and given services at cost. Thanks also to the Building Committee, Trustees and Elders who have helped oversee and guide this process to maximize your giving and keep Calvary Church debt free.

We are now prayerfully looking forward to completing the final phase by transforming the old nursery into a new Student Underground.

Thank you for your generosity and continued support.


Ways to Pray for the Student Underground this Summer

Since the Student Underground is a remodel, the city can require certain upgrades to build. Some are helpful and reasonable and some can be impractical and expensive. Please pray that as they review these plans over the summer that we wouldn’t have to increase our budget unnecessarily.

Be praying about how you might be able to help Calvary financially finish this project by providing our youth a place to belong. This age is pivotal, since 80% of Christians make the life-changing decision to follow Christ before the age of 18. We are not just investing in remodeling a 10,000 ft2 basement, we are investing in thousands of lives for generations to come.

Heritage Building Update

Part of the original vision for the Restoration Project was to repurpose the Heritage Medical Building to a Reach Center, creatively using the building’s space to minister to our community and the world. It was decided early on to defer this phase of the project due to funding limitations. So, we continued to lease the suites to medical professionals and the rental income has offset the loan payments and operational expenses.

In 2013, the Orange County Rescue Mission and Birth Choice Health Clinics were able to sign a lease and open a clinic which is now reaching out and serving those in need. We are excited to announce now that Safe Families for Children, a ministry of families giving hope to children and parents in crisis, will be moving in this summer. This means that 4 of the 10 suites have been converted for use by strategic ministry partners. God is faithful and able to provide even in ways we could have never imagined!


If you have any questions about your commitment or would like to change anything, please contact Pastor Michael Welles at or 714-550-2313.