Generation Project

The Final 1%

Over the last several years, we have been able to provide over $5 million of improvements to our campus due to the generous participation of so many in the Restoration and Generation Projects. This has included creating a new Nursery and offices for ministry staff and counseling in the Worship Center, remodeling Samsvick Chapel, making needed campus upgrades in roofing and air conditioning, and repurposing the C Building basement into the new Student Underground. 

As these projects come to a close, we only need an additional $50,857 as of June 15 to finish paying for our Generation Project expenses. Will you help us finish the last 1% with a special gift to the Generation fund? Thank you for your prayerful generosity.

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Start of a New Project

The new construction, which began on June 15, is replacing the old modular building and blacktop playground area with new turf field! While this was a part of the original vision for the Restoration Project seven years ago, we are so grateful to the school and church families that have donated funds and labor to make this project a reality.

In addition to the field, this project will also include some exterior hangout space for student small groups to connect before or after they go to the Student Underground. We are excited to add green play space on campus and finally say goodbye to our modular building that was installed as a temporary construction trailer over 30 years ago. Check back here for updates on the construction progress of the new Student "Aboveground" area over the summer!

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