Generation Project


Prayerfully consider what role you will play in the story that God is authoring through Calvary Church as we seek to reach the generations to come for Jesus Christ by building the Student Underground.

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Keep reading to learn about the vision and heart we have for Student Ministries. And, discover what it will take to complete the final phase of Calvary's campus Restoration by repurposing the C Building Basement into an amazing, dedicated space for Jr High, High School and College students.


  • Students are knowledgeable about God’s Word, but even greater, through it have come to know God personally. They have investigated the Scriptures for themselves and have concluded that God’s Word is truth and are unashamed.
  • Students know God’s voice, desire to obey it, and then obey it in and through the power of the Holy Spirit as they depend on Him alone for strength.
  • Students worship from the inside out, compelled by the Spirit, not through mandated behavior, but see worship as a lifestyle, not a moment or event.
  • Students possess a kingdom community mindset, and choose to usher in the realities of justice, mercy, love, the presence of God, forgiveness, humility, and service to life in everyday situations.
  • Students live with a global awareness and feel responsible for their brothers and sisters around the world and feel compelled to make Christ known to every corner of the globe within their lifetime.

By developing these traits in our students, the result is a vibrant life in Jesus. This is our heart for this generation, and for generations to come at Calvary.

Movement is already happening in Family Ministries to lay the foundational work of seeing this vision lived out. We are committed to a unified approach to spiritual formation from crib to college based upon a united philosophy of ministry.

God’s design for faith replication is in the context of the family (Deut 6; Psalm 78) while the church plays a supportive and equipping role to this endeavor (Eph 4:12). Together we want to create environments where the Holy Spirit is free to move, teach, and lead (John 14:26).

The next phase for us is to create physical venues for Junior High, High School and College where this philosophy of ministry can take place.

Instead of looking at this next generation and merely putting up with them until they grow up and become “contributing members of society,” our desire is for them to feel the love and investment from their church body saying, “Where you are at right now is important and we want to invest in you.” This time of their development is crucial.

A few years ago a study came out saying that there is just as much developmental change happening in kids from ages ten to thirteen as there is in children from birth to three years old. James Dobson says that the “Critical Decade” is from ages sixteen to twenty-six. It is the time when most all of life’s most important decisions are made that impact the big things.

We want to invest in the next generation so that as they are entering into this next phase of life, they have a community of support that is walking with them as they are walking with Jesus.