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Rick Cavecche

Rick Cavecche

Rick received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior his senior year in college. During his years at Long Beach State, a friend demonstrated a daily example of a real-life lived-in Christ. God spent a great deal of time working on Rick’s heart, and through his friend’s witness sparked an interest in spiritual matters that ultimately led to his personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Rick and his wife Carolyn began attending Calvary Church 33 years ago when they were expecting their first child, and have been involved in several ministries that include young married fellowship and adult fellowship classes, teaching Sunday School to 2 and 3-year-old children, and assisting in Junior and High School ministries. Currently, Rick and Carolyn have been mentoring engaged couples and providing pre-marital counseling at Calvary for 10 years.

Rick has been married to Carolyn for over 39 years, raising 3 children with her, helping them become amazing adults. All 3 of his children attended Calvary Christian School. Rick is now experiencing the pure delight and unconditional love of being a grandparent.

Rick started working in the construction industry when he was 15 years old, and is an executive with a regional construction company.

1st Term: July 2020-June 2023
2nd Term: July 2023-June 2026