Marriage + Family

Calvary Lay Counseling
Marriage counseling and referrals are available through the Calvary Life Counseling Center - Click Here to Learn More or call 714-550-2390

Professional Counseling Services
Center for Individual Family Therapy (CIFT)

Hope For Our Marriage
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The Third Option
Learn new ways to build the kind of marriage you always wanted to have. Click here for more information or call 714-706-4250

Right Now Media Online Studies
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Mark Gungor - Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage
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Enrichment Classes
You + Me Forever
Couple Talk Part 1
Couple Talk Part 2

Now in Calvary's Library
Marriage & Family Video Programs.
These are for instruction and assistance in your marriage and parenting.
They include videos and workbooks on each subject. The videos available are:

"Parenting Adolescents"
"Love Is a Decision"
"Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts"
"The Hurried Family"
"Intimate Encounters"
"Bringing Up Boys"
"Choosing Wisely Before You Divorce"
"Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours"

Check out these Websites:
www.ocmarriage.org a comprehensive list of all Orange County marriage and family related events, conferences, seminars, etc.
www.familylife.com Marriage resource, conferences and seminars.
www.family.org/topics You'll find some of our best online articles, Q &A's with Dr. Dobson.