Meals with a Mission

Thai Cashew Chicken with the Dahlfreds

Recipe Card (PDF)

We have asked Calvary missionaries, Karl and Sun Dahlfred, to share with us a recipe that they cook at home in Thailand. We've put the recipe on this page digitally (hard copies available in the church lobby) and have also filmed a segment of cooking this meal with Sun and got to know her and the family a bit more.

We encourage you to come together as a family, watch the video, grab another family or invite the grandparents and actually prepare the meal together. Then eat the meal together and discuss some of the questions below as a family. Close your meal with a prayer for the Dahlfred family and God's work through our missionaries as they go out and continue to reach and disciple nations for the King!

Discussion Questions:

· What did you think of the meal? What was your favorite part?
· By watching the video and reading the recipe card, name two things you learned about the Dahlfred family.
· How does the Dahlfred family disciple the people of Thailand for the King?
· If you were going to be a missionary, what country would you want to serve in and why?
· What is one way you would like to pray for the Dahlfred family?