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In addition to the support of our missionaries, Calvary enjoys partnerships with agencies, which allows us the opportunity to go into places and reach people where our missionaries cannot or are not currently serving.

These partnerships are in media, curriculum, Bible translation and distribution, radio broadcasts, training and scholarships of nationals, building projects, disaster relief and humanitarian efforts that result in evangelism and the establishment of churches in the least reached areas of the world.  

Support of over $50,000 for ministries in 17 countries in 2017: 

Iraq (Far East Broadcasting Co.)
– Radio/media satellite of bible $5500

Iran (ELAM Ministries) – Persian Bible for Iran $3500

India (Partner’s International) – JVI Health Clinic motor bikes $5000

Russia (One Mission Society) – Scholarship for students at Moscow Seminary $2000

China (Action Mission) – Missionary training center $1000

Spain (CRM) – National worker scholarship $2000

Moldova (New Hope Eurasia) – Camp for 100 children $2000

South Africa (KidZ@Heart) – Certificate program for national training $1000

International (OM Ships) – Ship ministry gift for fuel $500

Pacific Islands (JAARS) – Translation of six languages $3192

Cambodia (Vision for Cambodia) – Water tanks $1000

New Mexico (Giving Joyfully) – Navajo Uniscript Alphabet $2500

Pakistan (DualReach) Muslim training for national leaders $5000

China (TWR) 10 radios programed for Chinese ministries $850

Nepal (DAI) training of national workers $2000

Far East (Faith Comes By Hearing) Satellite program in Farsi $3000

Macedonia (SEND) Reprinting of Bibles for Macedonia $3000

India (SIS) – provide training against sex-trafficking $5000

Nepal (DAI) – Training of pastoral leadership Masters program $3000