David Mitchell


    A Fruitful or Fruitless Life This Year

    01.03.19 | by David Mitchell

    Dear Calvary Family, Joy and I felt so blessed when we were able to purchase our first home many years ago. We decided to plant a garden which included a dwarf peach tree and rhubarb. I watched both of those plants grow so well that first...
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      God's Calling and Purpose For Your Life

      01.25.18 | by David Mitchell

      Dear Calvary Family, I was blessed as I read some comments from our own Matthew Slater as he prepares for his fourth Super Bowl as a 10-year veteran and captain with the New England Patriots. In an interview he gave last year, he made clear his...
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        How to Overcome Temptation

        01.17.18 | by David Mitchell

        This week I learned a new word. “Captology.” It is the art of capturing people’s attention and making it hard for them to escape. Stanford professor, Nir Eyal, describes how a successful app can create a “persistent...
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          A Year-End Update from Pastor Dave

          12.27.17 | by David Mitchell

          Dear Calvary Family, As we close out 2017, we have much to be thankful for. Here are just a few examples from our ministries: Over 500 kids connected in ministry each week from birth to 5th grade, served by 150+ volunteers.In addition, we...
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