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Flip or Flop

04.14.16 | by David Mitchell

The TV network HGTV constantly tells property rehab stories of when a completely trashed house is made new.  One show that caught my attention is Flip or Flop. On that show a young couple, Tarek and Christina from Yorba Linda, purchase homes in terrible condition, restore them to a look new, and flip them. Most of the time they walk away with a good profit. On occasion, a house is a “flop” because it’s in such bad condition that it cost too much to restore it. In those cases, they lose money.

By the way, it is amazing to me how some people live in such terrible conditions. Equally amazing is how Tarek and Christina have an eye for the potential profitable rehab of a horrible house. The end result is a brand new home and you would never guess how bad its condition once was. 

On our spiritual journeys, Jesus Christ seeks to “flip” all of us, transforming us from a former way of life in sin and restoring us to live a new life. He has paid the full price for our restoration and as He reconditions our hearts, minds and souls, most people will never guess how bad we once appeared spiritually before our Lord.

Sadly, some people think of themselves as more of a “flop.” They feel as though they are so bad that Christ could never change them to become like new. Fortunately, Jesus has an eye to see our future full potential and provides His power, love and grace to move us into that new life.

Jesus is looking for more lives to “flip.” If you feel more like a “flop,” just remember God’s promise: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”  (2 Corinthians 5:17) Our Lord’s highest desire is for us to experience freedom from a former way of life full of sin, conflict and pain. Please come this Sunday to learn how Christ can transform your life into that new creation. 

David Mitchell
Senior Pastor


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