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Missionary Jenny Meeker's Story


The following is Jenny Meeker's story about coming to know who Jesus is from a neighbor's invite to VBS and how that began her story to becoming a missionary in Croatia. 

Do you believe that God puts us where we can hear about Jesus, or else brings a messenger of his gospel to us?  The Bible makes several promises in this regard, but sometimes we’re left waiting in the dark, wondering if it’s true.

My story confirms those promises and is a part of what motivated me to be a messenger to the nations.  At age 3, my parents decided to move to Orange County from Riverside, and in looking for a home found a new development in the heart of Orange.  Many young families also moved in at that time, including our next door neighbors, Bill and Carol Shuffield and their daughter and son.  The Shuffields attended Calvary Church where they served and worshipped regularly. One summer their daughter received Jesus as her savior at Vacation Bible School.  Out of her delight and excitement, she asked if she could invite my brother and I to attend as well.  Our parents agreed and soon we were begging to also go to Sunday School at this church that loved kids.

I praise God for his faithful servants in Calvary’s Children’s Department, including the volunteer teachers each week that taught the Bible, loved us unruly kids, and gave opportunities to respond to the gospel message.  Somewhere in second grade, I asked my questions about God in a small private chat, prayed to recieve Christ as my savior and was given a New Testament with my name and the date in it.  I was born again and knew it.  Two years later, I asked Geri Templeton if I could attend the baptism/membership class for children and after clearing it with my parents, was baptized in Samsvick Chapel.

Through the teaching and discipleship of the church, and neighbors who faithfully gave me rides to church each Sunday, my faith grew.  Last week I attended the memorial service of my 3rd grade teacher, Mary Henderson, who challenged us to memorize one verse every week for a year.  She and others like her along the way taught me how to develop my faith, and today I’m so grateful for their faithful, loving service to our Lord.

If you were to ask my neighbors if they ever expected that skinny blonde who lived next door to “go to all nations and preach the gospel”, I’m not sure what they’d say.  Thanks to small acts of obedience by their family, teachers and pastors at Calvary Church, I am a believer in Jesus Christ, established in my faith, and serving God in His kingdom work in Croatia.  Never underestimate what God can do with your life to touch another along the way.