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Nov 06, 2019

Mental Health and the Holy Spirit with Robyn Geis

How do we love our friends when they're struggling? How does the Holy Spirit work through psychology and therapy to grow us as people? And what does it look like to form healthy relationships?

On today's episode of the Calvary Life Podcast, Eric sits down with Robyn Geis- Calvary member, clinical psychologist, Talbot School of Theology professor, and author of the book The Relational Brain. Together, they discuss their shared love of volleyball, how our brain develops, and so much more. 

You can find copies of The Relational Brain at the Calvary Corner Bookstore, along with her other book, Mental Health and the Church. If you are interested in receiving lay counseling or prayer at Calvary, you can learn more at calvarylife.org/counseling

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