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We Are Better Together

09.04.15 | by David Mitchell

Dear Calvary Family,

As some of you may know, I just returned from a 4500 mile motorcycle ride to Sturgis, South Dakota. I rode with a group of guys from California, including Calvary’s own Elder Chairman and friend, Dave Herring. We joined one million other bikers at this huge motorcycle event.

I mention this because something happens when you meet another person who rides a bike. When two people share a common interest in motorcycles, all other differences between them fade as they connect with each other because of that machine. Even if you break down on the side of the road, other guys on bikes will stop to help. Community is created because of that two-wheel ride.

In our church, community is created because of something, or Someone, much more important than a motorcycle. Because of our common commitment to Christ, a community, called the church, unites us together. All other differences should fade because of our union with Jesus Christ. Jesus creates community where we can grow, encourage and help one another. The healthy church unites around one person only—Jesus Christ.

And, as we unite for worship and service, people’s lives are changed. No ministry at Calvary is the result of one person doing all the work. Ministry requires a team of people. Each week I am reminded of how so many of you make our church live out our mission in other people’s lives.

Let me share a story of one family’s commitment to serve others. I will share this without the names since it involves some minor children, but please be encouraged how we all need each other. Here is the email to Debbie Rowley who serves in our children’s ministry.

Hi Debbie! I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the good work that is being done in The Junction. We are currently hosting two girls in our home from Safe Families, and one of them has attended The Junction for the past three weeks with us. Previously she has only attended church one time and it wasn't a good experience for her.

Today, as they returned to our home from visiting with their mother, the older sister (a self-described atheist) told me her younger sister who had attended our church had been singing this song about God all day - the Big God song. She also said her sister had been describing how God created everything, and she told her mom about it, too. But best of all was when (younger sister) said, "I think God loves everyone!" and I told her that I believed the same thing. :)

Thanks for planting these seeds in her heart. We are praying that they grow in her life and spread to her family as well.  --From a young family in our church.

Safe Families is one of our local partnership ministries. They provide temporary homes for children when their own home life is in distress. This is such a positive alternative to the government system.

As we all work together in serving our Lord, the ministry of Calvary touches many lives. Many more stories could be shared like this one. Often they are behind the scenes and few notice. I bring this to your attention to assure you of the many ways our church family serves together for an eternal impact on people’s lives.

Hearing this story reminds us that we are all better together -- each of us working in support of each other, side by side in the power of Christ to live out our calling as the body of Christ.

If a bunch of guys can unite around a bunch of steel and rubber called a motorcycle to create community, how much more do we need to unite together around the deity and humanity of Jesus Christ?

To help us all, we will begin a new series this Sunday called, Better Together, based on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. This rich letter teaches us how all differences should fade because of our unity in Jesus. Paul describes our church in such terms as, “household,” “holy temple,” and “fellow citizens.”  We are a “building being fitted together…” We are only those things together. We were made to thrive in relationship with God and each other. And Jesus is who connects us.

Through His Word, we discover the best way to live as we grow in our faith together. And through that, we are equipped to reach out with the life-changing message of Jesus to make a difference in our community and around the world.

Join us each Sunday this fall as we lead you into a fuller relationship with Jesus Christ and each other so we can grow in our faith as that “holy temple.” Let’s remember that life and ministry is always Better Together.

Who can you reach out to and invite to join you this Sunday as we begin this great new series? Celebration begins at 8:45 and Elevation at

- Pastor Dave