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    3 Vital Questions for Life

    05.17.18 | by Eric Wakeling

    Hello Calvary Family, I've been through a bunch of different personality tests and other assessments. Myer's Briggs, MMPI, Strengthsfinder, DISC, spiritual gifts assessments, etc. We are often fascinated with these sorts of self-discovery...
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      Mother's Day at Calvary - Please Join Us!

      05.11.18 | by Doug Brown

      Hello Calvary Family, When I was a child my mother used to bake these wonderful chocolate cakes. She would make them the day before a birthday or some celebration. Being the sneaky child that I was I would convince my dad that we should steal a...
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        How to Build a Legacy

        05.03.18 | by Eric Wakeling

        Dear Calvary Family, Pastor John Sherman's mother, Ruth Sherman, just turned 100 years old on April 29. She has been a member of Calvary Church since May 27, 1962. That's 56 years! Ruth was the Calvary Church pianist for decades and was involved...
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          A Beautiful Conundrum


          Dear Calvary Family, I honestly can’t wrap my mind around it sometimes. What a funny situation in which we find ourselves. We are all a bunch of people with different backgrounds, personalities, skin colors, cultural backgrounds...
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            The Transformation of the Brothers

            04.19.18 | by Matt Doan

            Dear Calvary Family, James and Jude were Jesus’ earthly brothers. James was used by God to write one of the New Testament letters. He begins the letter by writing, “James, a bond-servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.&rdquo...
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