There are hundreds of people serving here at 1010 N Tustin Ave and around the world. The men and women listed below represent a small piece of that larger picture of the body of Christ at work as they guide the ministries of Calvary Church. Whether on staff or a voluntary member of the Elder Board, all those who provide leadership for Calvary need your encouragement and prayers.


David Mitchell

Senior Pastor

David Herring


Norm Alexander

George Andrews

Dave Baker

Rick Bergstrom

Steve Esser

Rudy Kramer

Jason Krusiewicz

Paul Nienow


Lloyd Peckham

Antelmo Bustos

John Norton

Scott Van Essen

Executive Team

David Mitchell

Senior Pastor

Eric Wakeling

Executive Pastor of Ministryoffice: 714-550-2386

Michael Welles

Executive Pastor of Administrationoffice: 714-550-2313

Lois Chandler

Executive Team Assistantoffice: 714-550-2312

Family Ministries: Children & Students

Matt Davis

Marriage + Family Pastoroffice: 714-550-2371

Susie Sepetjian

Administrative Assistantoffice: 714-550-2337

Devenie Maietta

Administrative Assistantoffice: 714-550-2331

Melissa Brosch

Family Ministries Associateoffice: 714-550-2357

Paula Garcia

Early Childhood Coordinatoroffice: 714-550-2336

MaryJane Edwards

Early Childhood Directoroffice: 714-550-2338

Debbie Rowley

Elementary Coordinatoroffice: 714-550-2333

Nate Greene

Elementary Pastoroffice: 714-550-2207

Josh Simpson

Middle School & All Church Events Pastoroffice: 714-550-2429

Courtnie Dowdy

Middle School Associate Directoroffice: 714-550-2385

Doug Brown

High School Pastoroffice: 714-550-2384

Eryn Holm

High School Associate Directoroffice: 714-550-2327

Crystal Alvarez

Elementary Coordinatoroffice: 714-550-2177

Adult Ministries

Robert Carter

Connections & LifeGroups Pastoroffice: 714-550-2332

Randy Harris

Equipping + Resource Pastoroffice: 714-550-2159

Ray Pertierra

Financial Discipleship Pastoroffice: 714-550-2358

Desiree Elrod

Prayer Coordinator

Kristin Gackle

Spiritual Directoroffice: 714-550-2359

Tim Nellis

Men's Ministries, College, & Young Adults Pastoroffice: 714-550-2391

Cat Aragon

College Associate Directoroffice: 714-550-2453

Shannon Reese

Women's & Adult Ministries Directoroffice: 714-550-2410

Maria Figueroa

Women's Ministries Coordinatoroffice: 714-550-2289

John Sherman

50+ Adult Pastoroffice: 714-550-2320

Jim McCarty

Counseling Pastoroffice: 714-550-2352

Ferrel McKee

Care Ministries Assistantoffice: 714-550-2322

Worship + Creative Arts

Trevor Behrns

Communications & Creative Arts Pastoroffice: 714-550-2377

Ron Rogalski

Worship & Creative Arts Pastoroffice: 714-550-2361

Chelcea Cummings

Communications & Creative Arts Assistantoffice: 714-550-2379

Tammy Harris

Media Arts Coordinatoroffice: 714-550-2342

Joan North

Support Ministries Coordinatoroffice: 714-550-2366

Lauren Wakefield

Communications & Marketing Assistantoffice: 714-550-2356

Linda Paszkiewicz

Drama Ministry Coordinatoroffice: 714-550-2301

Ryan Roehl

Technical Arts Coordinatoroffice: 714-550-2329

Kirstin Salazar

Visual Arts Assistantoffice: 714-550-2344

Helen Weed

Music Arts Coordinatoroffice: 714-550-2353

Reach Ministries

Matt Doan

Reach Pastoroffice: 714-550-2378

Liz Gold

Reach Global Missions Directoroffice: 714-550-2340

Jill Nielsen

Reach Assistantoffice: 714-550-2341

Hispanic Ministries

Armando Reyes

Hispanic Ministries Pastoroffice: 714-550-2328

Víctor Millán

Hispanic Ministries Associate Pastoroffice: 714-550-2325

Ileana Benavente

Administrative Assistantoffice: 714-550-2270

Jesus Hernandez

Youth Directoroffice: 714-550-2318

Business Administration

Nina Lascurain

Controlleroffice: 714-550-2369

Nona Stripe

Accounts Payable Coordinatoroffice: 714-550-2314

Betty Johnson

Payroll/Benefits Coordinator office: 714-550-2393

Deanna Emick

Events & Wedding Coordinatoroffice: 714-550-2302

Bill Dietz

IT Manageroffice: 714-550-2257

Karen Dornbach

Database + Church Events Coordinatoroffice: 714-550-2307

Gordon Kroeker

Facility Managermobile: 714-334-3147

Juan Quinonez

Head Custodian

Norma Kroeker

Receptionistoffice: 714-973-4800 Ext. 0

Calvary Christian School

Tina Holland

Preschool Directoroffice: 714-550-2151

Lisa Keith

Preschool Assistant Directoroffice: 714-973-2056

Leah Hess

Head of Schooloffice: 714-973-2056

Natalie Benda

Dean of Junior Highoffice: 714-973-2056

Nicole Maiocco

Director of Admissionsoffice: 714-973-2056

Kay Davis

Preschool Administrative Assistant