Training Up the Next Generation

Training Up the Next Generation



Wednesdays · April 5-May 17

7:00-8:30pm ·  Chapel

Join us for this 6-week Equipping Series to help Christians of all ages understand the atheistic and amoral influences all around us, particularly parents preparing their children for adulthood in today’s hostile culture.

Come be equipped and encouraged with biblical insights and practical tools to train up the next generation. This series is presented by Calvary Church in partnership with Calvary Christian School and Stand to Reason.

Weekly Topics + Speakers

April 5 "Who's Waiting For your Kids?"
Brett Kunkle · Stand To Reason Ministry
A wake-up call for parents of kids of all ages.

April 12 No meeting- Easter Week

April 19 "The Spirit Of Apologetics"
Randy Harris · Equipping + Resource Pastor
Why does apologetics sometimes have a bad name? What is the goal of apologetics? What is the proper way to "defend the faith?"

April 26 “How Millennials Think”
Doug Brown · High School Pastor
How does the current generation think and how is it different from past generations?

May 3 "FaceTime + ScreenTime"
Matt Davis · Marriage + Family Pastor
The study on the impact technology is having on our families.

May 10 "A Practical Plan for Equipping Your Kids With the Truth"
Brett Kunkle · Stand To Reason Ministry
How are you teaching your kids, of all ages, worldview and apologetics so they know what they believe and why they believe it? Come discover a number of practical ideas and resources for your family.

May 17 “How Atheists Read The Bible”
Randy Harris · Equipping + Resource Pastor
A survey of the some of the Biblical texts atheists use to attack the Bible and how they read the Bible.


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