One Service Sunday 10:00am

One Service Sunday 10:00am

Sunday, November 12

One Service at 10:00 am | Worship Center

Please join us for a special One Service Sunday on November 12, 2017 at 10:00am in which the Elders will oversee a vote by the members of Calvary Church on the Elders' recommendation of Eric Wakeling as the next Senior Pastor of Calvary Church. All are welcome and highly encouraged to attend, but only church members may vote. If you are unsure of your membership status, contact us at 

Programs will be available for Nursery-K. Everyone else will be together in the Worship Center. 


Who can vote?
Affirmed church members in good standing (those who have gone through the membership process).

When is the vote?
Sunday, November 12 during the One Service at 10:00am. A brief congregational meeting will be held as part of the worship service and ballots will be collected.

How can I get a ballot?
On Sunday, November 12 ballots will be passed out to all those in attendance who are church members. 

What if I cannot attend the services?
Our church bylaws states that a member must be present to vote. Absentee ballots cannot be distributed.

When will the official results be announced?
At the conclusion of the One Service on Sunday, November 12

If you have other questions about the process, please send them to  .


Learn more about Pastor Eric Wakeling, the process up to this point and the journey ahead at calvarylife.org/pastor



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