Food Box Ministry

Helping Families in Need

Food boxes can be bought by anyone in our Church and used for personal use or used to be given away to a friend, neighbor or family in the community. The Food Box Ministry is a partnership between Calvary Church and Golden Share Foods , Southern California's largest LOCAL Community Food Cooperative!

Pick-up time is between 9:00 - 10:30 am.  All boxes NOT picked up on the designated pick-up date by 10:30 am will be donated to one of our Local Community Partnerships. No refunds.

You can also place an order in person at the Food Box table on Sunday mornings or Monday-Friday 8:00 am-3:00 pm at Calvary Church of Santa Ana. Cash or check orders only.


What is Share?
The goal of Share is to help families to save up to 50% on their groceries, while always encouraging the building of relationships with your neighbors in the community.

How are we able to achieve this?
We have thoroughly researched what it is that people would like and purchase mostly at a grocery store. From freshly picked fruits and vegetables, to frozen meats and seafood, we then determine what items are offered in the Share Food Box. Since we deal directly with the growing grounds on fruits and vegetables, as well as our correlation with other Share affiliates, we are able to purchase extremely large amounts of products at a very low cost. Now through volunteers and our distribution centers which are known as Host Sites, we are then able to deliver and package the food at the sites. Here is where you are able to pick your order.

How do we build community?
Our host distribution sites are generally churches, senior centers, schools, community centers etc. When it comes to an experience, it’s when you pick up your food. Everyone will be there, like at a community party. People soon see how many are involved in the program, they meet new people and the energy around everyone is amazing. You can truly feel what it means to be a part of a community with a common bond. Many find out that they love and support how the program works and want to know how they can help for the upcoming month. We always encourage up to 2 hours of volunteerism for every participant. We consider volunteering to be anything from working at the host site or warehouse, to sharing a meal with a neighbor or friend. Honestly, anything you do to help anyone not in your immediate family for free is volunteering. Most of us do not realize that we already doing this in our daily lives. It’s when you recognize this, that’s when you find out what Share is about.

Do you want to help?
The food boxes are available for personal use or to donate to a family in need in the Church or community.  LifeGroups and individuals are needed on distribution days (9am to Noon) to help with set-up and to distribute the boxes. To sign up to serve Contact Jerry or Ann Bennent at or 949.289.8981.