There are hundreds of people serving here at 1010 N Tustin Ave and around the world. The men and women listed below represent a small piece of that larger picture of the body of Christ at work as they guide the ministries of Calvary Church. Whether on staff or a voluntary member of the Elder Board, all those who provide leadership for Calvary need your encouragement and prayers.

Family Ministries: Children & Students

Matt Davis

Marriage + Family Pastoroffice: 714-550-2371

Susie Sepetjian

Administrative Assistantoffice: 714-550-2337

Devenie Maietta

Administrative Assistantoffice: 714-550-2331

Melissa Brosch

Family Ministries Associateoffice: 714-550-2357

Paula Garcia

Early Childhood Coordinatoroffice: 714-550-2336

MaryJane Edwards

Early Childhood Directoroffice: 714-550-2338

Debbie Rowley

Elementary Coordinatoroffice: 714-550-2333

Crystal Alvarez

Elementary Coordinatoroffice: 714-550-2177

Nate Greene

Elementary & Athletics Pastoroffice: 714-550-2207

Josh Simpson

Middle School & All Church Events Pastoroffice: 714-550-2429

Courtnie Dowdy

Middle School Associate Directoroffice: 714-550-2385

Doug Brown

High School Pastoroffice: 714-550-2384

Eryn Holm

High School Associate Directoroffice: 714-550-2327