Love God, Love Your Neighbor

    11.17.16 | by Matt Doan

    Dear Calvary Family, I imagine you are having a busy week. Thanksgiving is coming, holiday travel plans are being formed, to-do lists at school, work and home are growing by the hour. Probably more than once in the last few days you have...
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      Together We Grow

      11.10.16 | by David Mitchell

      Dear Calvary Family, I read a story today from the Daily Mail about 20 year old Brooke Greenberg. What is remarkable about Brooke is that she still has the body of a toddler. The headline exclaims, “She just stopped growing.” Doctors...
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        Dear Calvary Family

        11.02.16 | by David Mitchell

        Dear Calvary Family, I love addressing all who read this email as “family.” That is how I view the church and I believe this based on how Jesus views us. In one of Jesus’ many lessons to His disciples as He said these important...
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