Matt Davis


    The War To End All Wars

    12.06.17 | by Matt Davis

    To some it was called "The Great War." To others it was referred to as "The War To End All Wars." Today, we know this war as World War I, and in the one hundred years since, it has proven to NOT be the war to end all wars. Not even...
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      Meals with a Mission - Africa Edition

      11.16.17 | by Matt Davis

      Our Family Ministries team is so excited to partner with Reach Global Ministries to bring together a bunch of elements that are truly better together in Meals with a Mission. · We value the family. · We value the family...
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        Looking to the Next Generation

        09.21.17 | by Matt Davis

        Dear Calvary Family, I had a Bar Mitzvah when I was 13. It was the greatest Bar Mitzvah that you’ve ever seen. It was a couple years of Hebrew school, studying my assigned portion from the Torah and really, my first time ever to...
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          The Restoration of Us

          09.14.16 | by Matt Davis

          Dear Calvary Family, The church should be the safest place on earth for hurting people to receive love and grace. A hospital for sinners, not a hotel for saints, as the quote goes. Unfortunately, for many, it isn't. I know many people who would...
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            We Have No Idea How Good We Have it

            10.01.15 | by Matt Davis

            Like many of you, I grew up hearing tales of harder times of walking to school five miles, uphill both ways, through the snow and fighting off dangerous animals. Some of you are reading that thinking, "That's it? My trip was much harder than...
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