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How Are We Loving Others?

07.13.17 | by David Mitchell

Dear Calvary Family,

In 1965 Jackie DeShannon recorded the song What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love. It was a big hit during a turbulent time in our country. That was 52 years ago. I am not sure how much progress we have made in living by that message of love. Do people love more now than in 1965? Part of the challenge is defining what we mean by “love, sweet love.” 

God, of course, was the originator of that theme about love. His love for us in Christ helps us define the extent and depth of that love as displayed on the cross. That love is costly and painful and not always received by the world, but it remains available to any who ask for it.

The power and price of love was illustrated for me when I clipped a Dear Abby column years ago. Dear Abby responded to a woman who had had two husbands and “six gentlemen friends,” but never experienced that “feel good,” passionate, giddy kind of love. 

Then Dear Abby posted the following letter from Pastor Scott Woodell of Fort Worth Texas. Reflect on his description of love:

Dear Abby, I am a pastor and have been involved in marital and premarital counseling during my 10 years of ministry. My experience has taught me that happiness and passion in marriages does not come from finding the “right” partner, but in BEING the right partner.

I once heard about a woman who was unhappy in her marriage and angry at her husband. When she went to her lawyer to begin divorce proceedings she asked his advice on what she could do to really hurt her lousy husband. The lawyer thought for a moment and suggested that for the next couple of months she love and romance him with every ounce of her being. Once he was happy and fulfilled, serve him with the divorce papers. “It will rip his heart out,” the lawyer promised.

The woman followed his advice. Months later, she returned to the lawyer’s office. He handed her the divorce papers to examine before serving them to her husband, and she replied, “I won’t be needing them now. We’re getting ready to leave on our second honeymoon.”

While you may find fault with that advice for some situations such as abuse, there is no question about the power of a love that is costly and sacrificial. It changes hearts! Christ is our perfect example.

Are you finding someone hard to love? What is God calling you to do that may be difficult, but loving? Join us Sunday as we explore this important and timeless challenge.

David Mitchell
Senior Pastor