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    Why Are You Angry?

    04.28.16 | by David Mitchell

    By listening to those who struggle with anger we sometimes can find anger’s source. Just as the Lord reached out to Cain and asked, “Why are you angry?” He is reaching out to each of us. He wants us to find peace and healing.
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      The Power of Words

      04.21.16 | by David Mitchell

      This Sunday, we will learn more on the power of encouraging words from Ephesians 4:25, 29... and how you and I can offer words of grace to lift a person to Christ.
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        Flip or Flop

        04.14.16 | by David Mitchell

        The TV network HGTV constantly tells property rehab stories of when a completely trashed house is made new.  One show that caught my attention is Flip or Flop. On that show a young couple, Tarek and Christina from Yorba Linda, purchase...
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          Living Better Together

          03.31.16 | by David Mitchell

          As a church, we recently adopted the theme of Better Together. Those two words capture one of the primary reasons God started the church in Acts 2. The early church believers would never have spiritually thrived without the strong community of...
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