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    Waist size, Wheels, Wallets or a Willing Heart?

    01.11.17 | by Matt Doan

    Dear Calvary Family, If you had the opportunity to take a survey of the people you work, play and live around and asked them this question, “What is one thing you want to improve in 2017? 1. Waist size, 2. Wheels (car), 3. Wallet 4. Willing ...
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      Trusting in God When Life Disappoints

      01.04.17 | by David Mitchell

      Dear Calvary Family, I think it is no surprise to most of us that God works in our lives in ways we do not always understand. He allows things we wish He would not permit such as death, cancer or tragic accidents. And sometimes He does not permit ...
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        Finding Jesus This Christmas

        12.22.16 | by David Mitchell

        We are so excited for all the preparation and prayer going into this this weekend. Join us for our Christmas Candlelight Service, on either Christmas Eve at 5:00pm or Christmas Day at 10:00am as we celebrate the birth and beauty of Jesus as the ...
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          Jesus Over Everything

          12.15.16 | by Eric Wakeling

          Merry Christmas Calvary Family! In my family, we read the Christmas story in Luke 2 every Christmas morning. We are reminding ourselves of why we are doing all of these celebrations and we also enjoy torturing the children who have to wait to open ...
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