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    New Year, New Sunday Series!

    01.03.18 | by Matt Davis

    If you are reading this, Happy New Year! You made it! Maybe you barely made it, running on fumes across the finish line of 2017, but you made it! Perhaps the intentions of having a Jesus-centered holiday season have come and gone, and have now...
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      A Year-End Update from Pastor Dave

      12.27.17 | by David Mitchell

      Dear Calvary Family, As we close out 2017, we have much to be thankful for. Here are just a few examples from our ministries: Over 500 kids connected in ministry each week from birth to 5th grade, served by 150+ volunteers.In addition, we...
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        How to Respond Like Mary This Christmas

        12.21.17 | by David Mitchell

        As Christmas approaches, we can learn much from God’s divine encounter with Mary, and discover how He will likely work in our lives, too. Here is a short devotional look into Mary’s life for your Christmas Day. God has a divine...
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          The 2nd Most Popular Christmas Song

          12.13.17 | by Eric Wakeling

          Dear Calvary family, Did you know Silent Night is the most popular Christmas carol? Well, it's pretty great but we all know it wasn't a silent night. There were cows, goats and chickens and a battle raging in the heavens. That's why I think the...
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            The War To End All Wars

            12.06.17 | by Matt Davis

            To some it was called "The Great War." To others it was referred to as "The War To End All Wars." Today, we know this war as World War I, and in the one hundred years since, it has proven to NOT be the war to end all wars. Not even...
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