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Spotlight on Ministry: Dr. Michel Kenmogne, SIL


This week, we were honored to hear from Dr. Michel Kenmogne as he shared with our congregation a little bit about his ministry and story. In 2016, Dr. Kenmogne was appointed to be SIL’s first African Executive Director, where he aims to help communities all over the world experience the word of the Lord in their heart language.  

“I realized how important God’s Word was in helping me to shape my values, my worldview, and so on, and that is why I’ve come to appreciate the deep importance for each person to have God’s Word in the language that they truly understand.”

Dr. Kenmogne’s relationship with Calvary church started 30 years ago, when he met Calvary missionary John Watters while attending graduate school. This relationship sparked a desire in Dr. Kenmogne to know the Lord, and eventually led him to pursue ministry through SIL.  

Before assuming the Executive Director position, Dr. Kenmogne served as the Director of Wycliffe Global Alliance for Francophone Africa, as well as the Director of Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy. Through SIL, more than 1,700 languages in over 100 countries are able to better understand God’s love for them in the language they know best.

You can find out more about Michel Kenmogne and SIL’s work around the globe at sil.org.

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