Partnership Projects

What are Partnership Projects? 

In addition to the support of our missionaries, Calvary enjoys partnerships with agencies, which allows us the opportunity to go into places and reach people where our missionaries cannot or are not currently serving.

These partnerships are in media, curriculum, Bible translation and distribution, radio broadcasts, training and scholarships of nationals, building projects, disaster relief and humanitarian efforts that result in evangelism and the establishment of churches in the least reached areas of the world.  

4-D Ministries | $350
Clothing for Romanian Gypsy children

Hope for Israel | $500
Provide housing for war refugees

3ePartners | $5000
Towards purchase of airplane in Alaska

ReachGlobal | $1000
Scholarship for Mongolian intern

Faith Comes by Hearing | $1000
Sending Farsi Scriptures by satellite into Iran 

BBPT India | $1000
Clothes for children of national ministry workers 

Action Missions | $1000
Chinese ministry into the Middle East

Apollos | $500
Ministry funding for national work in Niger 

Uniskript | $1500
Start up funds for new language tool PNG  

DualReach | $1000
Pakistani national pastors’ training   

Cambodia Team |  $1500
Water wells and Rice to be used for evangelism 

UIM | $1500
Startup funds for Ana’s Kitchen Oaxaca, Mexico 

Way of Peace Church, Albania | $10000
(Thanksgiving offering) towards the purchase of van for Sister Church