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Why Choose Calvary

Discover the CCS Difference

By selecting Calvary Christian School, you have started on the path to one of Orange County’s finest private schools. Not only is Calvary a school in which children thrive spiritually and socially, but we regularly rank alongside the best schools at all grade levels on standardized testing. Calvary graduates leave our school and enter into top private and public high schools where many launch directly into honors and AP classes, as well into the second year Spanish classes. If you have landed on this page and you desire an excellent education centered around the truth of Jesus Christ, you’ve come to the right place— we are confident you will find a home for your family here.

Calvary is not only known for academic excellence, but also for our tremendous support system for students who learn a little differently. Our regular education teachers are trained in techniques to support all students, and our Eagle Academy pull-out program works with children who need extra attention in reading or math. We have had great success with students with mild learning differences and those on the autism spectrum. Numerous students attend with one-to-one support aides and find a very welcoming student and faculty community. It is amazing what our young people learn from those who might think or communicate a little differently.

The Calvary faculty takes pride in our commitment to excellence in all areas, but most of all, we are committed to being experts in loving our students well. We believe, and have seen it proven, that students thrive in a loving and supportive learning community. When a child experiences the safety of stretching his or her abilities in a caring classroom, they are more likely to take risks that lead to growth. Our teachers are trained in developing growth-minded students who make the most of learning opportunities.

We invite you to come see for yourself. In Scripture we are called to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” Come to Calvary and get a taste of education that is different, an education that centers on the goodness of God and our relationship to Him as bearers of His image.