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Academic Overview

Kindergarten is a full-day academic program, without rest or nap time, in a primarily self-contained classroom. Daily classroom studies are in the areas of language arts, reading, phonics, handwriting, math, social studies, science, manners, and Bible. Scripture, prayer, and Biblical values are also woven throughout the day. In addition, students meet with enrichment teachers for classes in music (45 min/week), art (1 hour biweekly), computers/technology (45 min/week), physical education (45 min/week), and library (30 min/week). As part of each afternoon, kindergarten classes rotate among the teachers for a specialized class in science, social studies, manners, or scientific nonfiction and journaling.

Students are assessed formally and receive report cards quarterly. The teacher and parents meet for a conference following the first quarter (and as needed). A short homework packet is given weekly with phonics, math, sight words, Scripture memory, and writing practice, along with daily reading.

Your child will learn:

Math: numbers 0-20, counting to 100, sorting and classifying, patterning, shapes, addition, subtraction, problem solving, and graphing

Bible: Scripture, character traits, life and miracles of Christ, Old Testament heroes

Language Arts: alphabet, phonics, sight words, rhyming, blending, reading, sentence structure, topical writing, the writing process, proper handwriting strokes, and journaling

Science: soil, wood, water, fabric, rock, trees, plants, weather, animals (fish, birds, snails, worms, isopods)

Social Studies: holidays, citizenship, neighborhoods, community helpers, America, great Americans