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Middle School Overview

Academic & Spiritual Excellence

The purpose of Calvary Christian Middle School is to sharpen minds and transform hearts. Here, we seek to develop young men and women of godly character who are academically prepared for high school.  With class sizes averaging 19 students, teachers are able to establish mentor relationships that open the door to an environment where students are supported academically and spiritually. Along with academic learning, students have the opportunity to participate in athletics, chapel, student council, and the arts.

Core Classes & Enrichments

CCS Middle School provides an extensive core of classes, as well as additional enrichment courses to serve students with a variety of interests. The core classes serve as the foundation of a student’s schedule and include: Bible, English, History, Math, Science, Physical Education, and Spanish. Enrichment classes provide opportunities for students to explore areas of interest and include: Art, Music, Drama, Technology, and Yearbook. Additionally, students have the option of taking Academic Game Plan®, which provides organization and study skills support.

Physical Education

We believe that physical education is an important part of our total educational process, and is highly emphasized at Calvary. The overall goal of our P.E. program is to have each student be physically fit and to instill a desire to maintain lifelong physical fitness through exercise and sports. It is also our goal to prepare the students with a broad understanding in a variety of sports, teaching the value of teamwork. Each day in P.E. high moral attitudes and good sportsmanship, along with respect to the teachers and their peers will be expected from each student, centering on living a godly life.