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Fifth Grade

Academic Overview

Fifth grade is primarily a self-contained classroom program. Daily classroom studies include: reading, language arts, mathematics, Bible, social studies, and science. In addition, students meet with enrichment teachers for the following subjects: physical education (two 50-minute periods), computer (one 60-minute period), library (one 30-minute period), fine arts elective (one 60-minute period), and art (one 60-minute period every other week).

Students receive four report cards throughout the year. These report cards measure progress in academic skills, work habits and citizenship. Teachers and parents meet for a conference at the end of the first quarter. Approximately 50 minutes of homework is expected four nights/week.

Your child will learn:

Social Studies: United States history and geography, exploration, 13 colonies, American Revolution; president report and state report, state location and capitals

Science: Cells, human body, plants, weather, matter, solar system

Bible: Overview of Old Testament books, passage memorization

Mathematics: Whole number place value through billions, decimal place value through thousandths, compute whole numbers, decimals, and fractions, measurement and geometric figures

Writing: Narrative, opinion, and informational essays, writing process

Grammar: Parts of speech

Spelling: Phonetic and structural patterns

Reading: Use of novels and curriculum anthology for comprehension, plot structure, and vocabulary