Dealing With Bias and Prejudice

    09.28.16 | by David Mitchell

    Calvary Family, Since the inception of the church in Acts 2, we have struggled with bias and prejudice. Even though there was a great outreach to every nation when the Holy Spirit baptized new believers into the body of Christ, it was not long...
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      Cuba on the Radar


      In 2015, Calvary Missionary Don Nellis met Cuban visitor Elio Mora at Calvary Church. This is the amazing story of what came next...
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        The Value of Life

        09.21.16 | by Eric Wakeling

        Calvary Family, Just this week a terminally ill minor in Belgium was the first child to be euthanized since age restrictions were lifted two years ago. The identity and age of the child have not been released. Physician-assisted-suicide is now...
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