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Global Outreach (GO) Trips are amazing opportunities for people from Calvary to serve with our missionaries and our partnership organizations, helping to further the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through these trip experiences, participants get to help make a difference in the lives of others, while also growing deeper in their relationship with the Lord. Discover more by viewing each Trip Page or contacting Calvary's Reach Global Office at 714.550.2341. 

Where is God calling you to go?

 Albania Lesvos Portugal


Youth Outreach with Way of Peace Church

We are sending a High School team to our sister church - Way of Peace in Lushnjë, Albania. Through English language partnerships as well as sports and VBS ministry, they will build relationships with local Muslim Albanians and connect them to our sister church for Gospel-centered discipleship.

Departs: June 14, 2024
Returns: June 25, 2024

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Mexico Trip - Informational Meting


All-female, College & Young Adult Refugee Ministry

Come alongside a women's ministry center working with refugees from the Middle East in Lesvos, Greece. Many who come are seeking asylum and refuge from war, poverty, and unstable political regimes. This trip will be primarily geared towards women, though two handy men are needed to help with practical repairs. Also, female hairdressers are especially needed for this trip. Come prepared to serve in any way possible in the name of Jesus. The team will debrief for one day in Athens, Greece.

Departs: June 15, 2024
Returns: July 3, 2024

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Mexico Trip - Informational Meting



Families & mixed generations, VBS Ministry

Serve alongside our missionary partners Jonathan & Traci Shoemaker and their local church in Lisbon, Portugal. Through a local VBS, you will reach out to the Catholic and post-Christian youth of Portugal. This trip is designed for all - families, singles, couples, or retirees.

Departs: June 28, 2024
Returns: July 8, 2024

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