GO Trips

Global Outreach (GO) Trips are amazing opportunities for people from Calvary to serve with our missionaries and our partnership organizations, helping to further the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through these trip experiences, participants get to help make a difference in the lives of others, while also growing deeper in their relationship with the Lord. Where is God calling you to go?





This summer we were planning to partner with our missionaries and missions organizations around the world. However, due to all things related to COVID-19, all summer GO Trips have been postponed. While these teams can no longer physically GO at this time, would you consider praying for these places and the people involved?


Two teams were planning to partner with Greater Europe Mission in Lesvos, Greece in serving at Camp Moria Refugee Camp. Millions are fleeing from the tyranny of war, famine, and heartache. This is the largest movement of people in modern history since World War II. For most, Europe offers the only hope of safety, and many risk the very real threat of death on their journeys. Often, these people are seen as a problem, and while our enemy can use people to kill, steal, and destroy, God sees each and every person as a unique and loved creation. These are our neighbors, and we want to introduce each and every refugee to the God who loves them. 

Please Pray For:

  • The refugees in Camp Moria. Pray for their health in this time and that the Coronavirus will not reach the camp.
  • The safety for the refugees.
  • The hearts of the refugees to be softened and opened to hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  • Those volunteering and putting many strenuous hours of work in to help the camp run as smooth as possible.


This team was going to partner with Calvary Missionary Oleg Reutki. Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. However, we see Christians rich in faith and hope. We will serve with KidZ at Heart International, a mission organization that equips children’s ministry leader to help kids love Jesus. Some of us will be training Moldovans in ministry to children while others will serve hands-on by visiting Transition Homes, orphanages, and more

Please Pray For:

  • Oleg Reutki and his family
  • The people of Moldovato be open to the good news of Jesus Christ
  • Wisdom for Kidz at Heart during this time


HSM was planning to partner with Greater Europe Mission in the Netherlands to help support local missionaries, Peter and Margre Hays, who live in an area with more than a quarter of a million people, but only 1% have faith in Jesus. For the past 6 years, the Hays have endeavored to reach the communities around them through questionnaires, outreach, and prayer with an initiative they call “Power to Change.” 

Please Pray For:

  • The Hays and their ministry in this time.
  • The people of Netherlands to see their need for Jesus.



Since 2001 Calvary has partnered with the “Way of Peace Church” in Lushnjë, Albania. Pastor Berti also runs an English school called, “Victory School” which serves as a great outreach to the Lushnjë community. 

Please Pray For:

  • Pastor Berti and the elders as they lead the people at Way of Peace Church.
  • The teachers at Victory School who have been laid off at this time.
  • The people of Lushnjë (and Albania in general) to be open to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Where will you go? 

To learn more about any of the Global Outreach trips listed above, please contact the Missions Office at 714.550.2341.