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At the Corner, we believe a good book can change a life, especially God's Word. So, every purchase provides an opportunity to help fuel Bible distribution locally and translation globally.  Come support some amazing causes and discover great resources for you, your family and your friends including: Bibles · Books · Greeting Cards · Coffee · and more!

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Help Change a Life


At the Corner, every purchase provides an opportunity to be part of changing lives by bringing the Bible to the world. 

A Bible Purchased = A Bible Given

For every Bible purchased at the Corner a Bible is given to residents at the O.C. Rescue Mission’s Village of Hope, bringing good news to the homeless.

Donate a Dollar for Translation

Give above and beyond your purchase to further the translation work of the Bible for language groups still waiting to receive God’s Word in their native tongue.

Now Available at the Corner



by Eric Wakeling

In a world filled with guilt, shame, struggle and suffering, there is a path to freedom and strength that comes from God’s unique version of joy. This story-filled book is all about how the joy of the Lord is our strength as told in Nehemiah 8. You will be encouraged to seek that GOD JOY for freedom from guilt and strength in suffering. This GOD JOY will lead you to celebrate by eating the fat, drinking the sweet, sharing with others and starting a brand new holiday.

GOD JOY will lift your eyes to Jesus, help lighten your burdens and will likely get you to laugh and allow you to cry. But don’t cry for too long because the joy of the Lord is your strength. Plus, 100% of proceeds from GOD JOY go towards Calvary's efforts in Europe for refugees.



Hearing from God
By Steve Sewell with Trevor Behrns

“Hearing from God” is designed as a guidebook for your faith journey, equipping you to hear from God and find guidance in life’s storms by discovering more of His will and ways through a 40-day journey in the Psalms. All proceeds from this book go to support the ministry of Encouraging Hope.

This can also be shared and amplified by going through it together with others. Click below for free Discussion Guides to help you lead a few friends, your family, or small group through “Hearing From God” and your shared journey into God’s Word. If you would like to know more about using Hearing From God with your group, please contact Pastor Trevor Behrns.

Leader Guide Group Participant Guide


They Call Me "The Miracle"
by Randy Harris

Cancer is a major worldwide public health problem and is the second leading cause of death in the United States. Seemingly, everyone has been affected by or knows of someone who is affected by the disease.

In 2004, doctors discovered that Carmen Rice had a stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme brain tumor, one of the deadliest of all cancers-the same cancer which killed John McCain, Edward Kennedy, and Beau Biden. After being diagnosed with a glioblastoma tumor, twenty-nine-year-old Brittany Maynard made headline news when she moved to Oregon to die with dignity.

Carmen's doctor gave her six months to live, but with her faith in God and tenacious spirit, Carmen just kept beating the odds. After all these years, Carmen is "off the map" and into uncharted territory. They Call Me "The Miracle" is her story.


A Father's Food for Thought
by Tom Radke

One dad’s attempt to make up for lost opportunities in teaching his kids what he believes.  He presents his seven foundational beliefs, hoping that his voice can be one of the many suggesting what they should believe. This father believes it is important for everyone to know what they believe, whether they totally agree with what he believes or not. This book is not to simply be read, but to be consumed slowly with a cup of coffee or favorite beverage.

Tom Radke is a Jesus-follower, happily married to Cathy since 1988 with two kids: Darrin (1990) and Alyssa (1991). He is a food scientist with almost 5 decades in food product development. He is also a member of the stage-IV colorectal cancer club since 2019. And, he is a man inclined to follow his namesake: 'Seeker of Truth.' All proceeds from this book go towards Wycliffe Bible Translators & Samaritan’s Purse.


Restoration Roasters


We are proud to serve coffee from Restoration Roasters, helping to make a difference by contributing to the restorative process with the Orange County Rescue Mission. Every drink we serve is given focused care, approached with passion and dedication, and hand-made. We believe that you will see this, taste this, and come to view coffee as a craft just as we do.


Join Our Team

You may have noticed that our own Corner Bookstore is making some exciting changes. The store is being remodeled with the coffee coming inside (along with new comfy coffee shop seating) but will still have a great selection of will still have a great selection of books, cards and Bibles. We need more volunteers to help create a warm and welcoming experience for our guests and church family! If interested, please stop by and talk to us or send an email to