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At the Corner, we believe a good book can change a life, especially God's Word. So, every purchase provides an opportunity to help fuel Bible distribution locally and translation globally.  Come support some amazing causes and discover great resources for you, your family and your friends including: Bibles · Books · Greeting Cards · Coffee · and more!

Open before & after Sunday Worship
Plus, Wednesdays 8:00am - Noon

If you have questions or to place an order, send us an email at  

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Help Change a Life


At the Corner, every purchase provides an opportunity to be part of changing lives by bringing the Bible to the world. 

A Bible Purchased = A Bible Given

For every Bible purchased at the Corner a Bible is given to residents at the O.C. Rescue Mission’s Village of Hope, bringing good news to the homeless.

Donate a Dollar for Translation

Give above and beyond your purchase to further the translation work of the Bible for language groups still waiting to receive God’s Word in their native tongue.

Restoration Roasters


We are proud to serve coffee from Restoration Roasters, helping to make a difference by contributing to the restorative process with the Orange County Rescue Mission. Every drink we serve is given focused care, approached with passion and dedication, and hand-made. We believe that you will see this, taste this, and come to view coffee as a craft just as we do.


Join Our Team

You may have noticed that our own Corner Bookstore is making some exciting changes. The store is being remodeled with the coffee coming inside (along with new comfy coffee shop seating) but will still have a great selection of will still have a great selection of books, cards and Bibles. We need more volunteers to help create a warm and welcoming experience for our guests and church family! If interested, please stop by and talk to us or send an email to