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Prayer Counseling

Engage in a relational conversation with God while learning to hear His voice and experience His love.

Prayer Counseling is an infusion of therapy, inner healing, deliverance, spiritual direction, listening prayer, and neuroscience, and we invite the Lord to reveal the combination of approaches that He knows will be most transformative for an individual. In Prayer Counseling, we invite a participant into a conversation with God. As we facilitate this dialogue, a few things tend to happen:

  • You receive deep insight into–and valuing of–who you are at your core
  • God ministers to you by giving you exactly what you long for internally from Him
  • Your experience of God becomes palpable and moves from conceptual to personal, from distant to intimate, from theoretical to actual
  • Your connection with God moves from your head to your heart

Meet 1:1 with a trained Prayer Counselor: Weekly for 5 weeks (depending on each individual case).

Group sessions are also available: Groups sessions are a great place for individuals to get acquainted with how God speaks to them through their gifting, or to practice listening prayer on behalf of another person.

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For questions: You can reach Desiree Elrod at

Hi, I’m Desiree! I love to join people in their stories of growth and discovery with God, coming alongside them to help them where they feel stuck. I’ve been a practitioner of prayer counseling for more than 30 years using a blend of approaches that minister mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Through thousands of prayer sessions over the years, I have observed the consistent patterns of God’s tenderness and compassion in meeting a person where they are at. I have a deep love of learning and am constantly studying and evaluating new methods for experiencing freedom with the Lord in the fields of spiritual gifts, deliverance, neuroscience, therapy, inner healing, and transformative prayer. I deeply value the idea of personal growth and investment into our own enrichment, and freedom from anything that keeps us from connection with God. As such, it is very important to me to create a safe environment that will allow a person to wrestle with concepts and to process at their own pace without any judgment.

I write original curriculum, lead professional workshops and training, and enjoy collaborating with therapists, spiritual directors, pastors and other soul care practitioners, both at Calvary and abroad. Our team members represent a variety of gifting and backgrounds and have been extensively trained in Prayer Counseling theory and practice. I am looking forward to making an appointment for a consultation so we can discuss how PCM can best serve you.