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Spiritual Direction

Engage in a spiritual conversation that highlights God’s presence and encourages growth in relationship with Him.

  • Meet 1:1 with a trained Spiritual Director every 3-4 weeks.

  • Group direction may also be available:
    Group direction is a safe place for sharing about life experience as well as learning to listen to God on behalf of another.

To get started, you can fill out the intake form and reach out to the Spiritual Director you would like to meet with. If you are unsure or want to know more about Spiritual Direction before you begin, please reach out to Eryn Holm at for a consultation meeting who will help you find the best fit.

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Spiritual Directors

The Spiritual Directors listed here have received professional training in Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction and have been approved by our church leadership to offer direction as part of Calvary's Soul Care Ministries.


Eryn Holm

Hi, I’m Eryn! I’m a graduate of Talbot's Institute for Spiritual Formation. I appreciate how Margaret Guenther says that Spiritual Direction involves “recognizing God's amazing work in us and among us in the ordinariness of human existence.” As I believe that God is always with us and at work in our lives, Spiritual Direction provides a safe and confidential space for you to show up just as you are, bringing various aspects of your life to seek and discern where the Lord may be at work within you.

As a Spiritual Director, I find it a joy and honor to come alongside another in his or her spiritual journey. My hope is to hold your story as we seek God's presence and movement in your life together. I appreciate Spiritual Direction because it allows you the space and freedom to sit in the reality of your life - the painful, grievous, hurtful, and difficult experiences as well as the hopeful, joyful, and celebratory experiences. Together we can seek God’s love and presence in any season you find yourself in.

I pray that, over time, you will experience deeper intimacy with our God who deeply loves you, cares for you, hears you, sees you, and desires a relationship with you.

I look forward to hearing from you and potentially sitting together in Spiritual Direction!



Heidi Watters

Do you have many safe people in your life that you can talk about your deepest longings with? Your fears, your doubts, your experiences, or lack of experiences with God? I didn't and that's one thing that drew me to becoming a Spiritual Director. I am passionate about people really learning to love God with their heart, mind and soul and feel confident in their ability to hear the divine 3 (Father, son, spirit). And having this space for myself is crucial to processing and moving forward into grace and purpose in my life.

I am from Sacramento California, but when I am stateside Orange County is home to me. I have lived overseas for the last 12 years (India, Thailand), leading teams and running an internship for language & cultural adaptation, as well as building relationships with Muslims. I have been married 20 years this year and have 4 kids ages 17-10. Trauma, abuse, & deconstruction are a few things in my story, which has led me on a healing journey that I like to extend to others. Being in leadership with Women's Ministry for the last 8 years has shaped my own leadership and journey "lower" and love to see more and more women (and men) stepping into gifts and freedom of their own. I have been trained at LTI's Selah Direction program and practicing Direction one on one and in groups since 2019. Spiritual Formation has become a lifeline to my journey and discovering God in all things and many ways. I love sharing these lifegiving practices with people around me.

Other things I love are the beach, music, watercolor, writing, reading, snorkeling, volleyball, soccer, sunsets, charcuterie and wine, dark chocolate, coffee & matcha, repurposing old into new, and deep conversations.

Men and women may meet with me in person in Chiang Mai, Thailand, or online around the world for one-on-one direction, group direction, or for retreat resources.



Krista Ashlock

It wasn’t until I was on the receiving end of Spiritual Direction that I began to discover the vast love of God–for the deepest of internal spaces, containing both joy and sorrow, finally had the opportunity to be explored with a trusted other. This is my hope and prayer for you–that in the sanctuary of Direction, in the safety and rest offered here, you would encounter an abundantly loving Lord whose delight in you knows no bounds.

I received my MA in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from Talbot School of Theology, and I have found that no matter where you might be on your journey with Jesus, the very place in which you stand today is where He wants to meet you. As a Spiritual Director, my role is to be a companion, a “soul friend,” one that discerns with you the movements of God in your present circumstances and in the beautiful landscape of your story. Together, we will attend to what the Holy Spirit might have for you in the midst of joy, tragedy, loss, struggles of any kind, and questions or doubt in the unknown. In his reflections, Henri Nouwen writes, “The beauty of listening is that, those who are listened to start feeling accepted, start taking their words more seriously and discovering their own true selves. Listening is a form of spiritual hospitality by which you invite strangers to become friends, to get to know their inner selves more fully, and even to dare to be silent with you.”



Daniel Mendoza

I was trained in Spiritual Direction at the Institute for Spiritual Formation at Talbot Seminary. I work as a Youth Director in Escondido, CA, and as an adjunct professor at the Institute for Spiritual Formation.

A huge focus for me is providing a place for people to be heard, understood, and loved. To that end, I believe any and all of life is appropriate for Spiritual Direction. God can be present in times of worship, doing the dishes, and even an argument with a spouse or close friend.

I love meeting with high school/college students, faithful church attenders, skeptics, and everyone in between.