Our Brothers and Sisters in Paris

    11.19.15 | by David Mitchell

    Imagine a new guest at our church next Sunday. He readily identifies himself as a member of ISIS. He has been involved in many of the horrible atrocities we have seen and heard about. He still dresses as if he is one of them in a black robe that...
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      A Response to the Acts of Violence in Paris

      11.17.15 | by Liz Gold

      In response to the acts of violence in Paris, Bieruit, Kenya, and throughout the world, and refugees fleeing Syria and other persecuted areas into Europe – what can we do? We are deeply saddened by the horrific acts of violence that...
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        Starbucks or Bill?

        11.12.15 | by David Mitchell

        This past two weeks I read two stories that made some headlines. Consider which is most attractive and inviting to you. First, you may have heard of the dust up over the new Starbucks coffee cups. They are solid red with the green...
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