Join Us For Dinner?

    10.29.15 | by David Mitchell

    Dear Calvary Family, Last night we had our two daughters over for dinner. It reminded me of those days long past when we would dine together as a family. Something happens around that dinner table that does not seem to occur in many other...
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      Calvary Elders in Albania

      10.25.15 | by Liz Gold

      In September 2015, a group of Elders from Calvary went on a short-term missions trip to Albania. While in Albania, they were able to share a five night "Biblical Leadership" conference with The Way of Peace church leaders.  They explored the...
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        Words of Grace

        10.22.15 | by David Mitchell

        Dear Calvary Family, Have you ever given a friend a gift on their birthday and they refused it? Imagine how it would feel if you had gone to great effort and cost to purchase and offer that gift to your friend and they tell you they are not...
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          Never Give Up

          10.15.15 | by David Mitchell

          Dear Calvary Family, Is there someone in your family that you would love to help? Do they have areas that need to change? Or more personally, are there areas in your life that need to change but you seem stuck? Most of us deal with those issues...
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