Reach Global Update

    10.08.15 | by Matt Doan

    Recently I was talking to a neighbor outside my house and I asked him if his car had ever been broken into when he parked it on our street. He said "no" and then quickly took a step toward the wooden telephone pole to our left and tapped the pole...
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      We Have No Idea How Good We Have it

      10.01.15 | by Matt Davis

      Like many of you, I grew up hearing tales of harder times of walking to school five miles, uphill both ways, through the snow and fighting off dangerous animals. Some of you are reading that thinking, "That's it? My trip was much harder than...
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        Missionaries in Town

        09.28.15 | by Liz Gold

        The following missionaries will be in town at various times over the next year. You will see their contact information next to where they are staying and if you would like to receive more info on meeting with a missionary, contact the Missions...
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          Removing Cancer

          09.24.15 | by Eric Wakeling

          I preached a message on Gideon back in February (watch it online here) and I talked about how we are often preoccupied with our personal flaws even when nobody else even notices them. I mentioned a little mole-looking thing under my left eye and...
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            The Miracle of Life

            09.17.15 | by David Mitchell

            We all have experienced the birth of a baby either directly or indirectly. I remain amazed how conception and the development of those first cells eventually grows into a baby that in turn develops into an adult. Each baby is a miracle of God...
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